About ThreeNa House

Simple, Natural & Private

About ThreeNa House
ThreeNa House has been designed and built for a single family who is Seo’s. They have looked for a place where assures a simple, natural and private family life. The place where ThreeNa House sits has been picked for those.

ThreeNa House proudly promises a simple, natural and private stay for you and your beloved ones. ThreeHa House resides on the top of a cliff. ThreeNa House sees Pacific Ocean from the cliff, backed by HoGoo Mt. It has lager than 1 acre open space with a private beach. There must be no other person in the 1 acre private lot.

ThreeNa House throws an amazing sunrise beauty each morning. Through each window, the amazing ocean view knocks your eyes, through each window and from your bed. The ocean view shadows wherever you go.

To who has dreams and passion…

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  • Tel. 010. 7448. 3753
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  • 경상남도 남해군 이동면 남서대로 375-30
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